Top 11 High Paying Freelance Jobs In India

As the name mentions, freelance jobs do not require any formal conditions for a typical working environment. For this reason, the freelance jobs sector is emerging as the most popular earning medium of the 21st century.

The important thing you need to do when considering finding freelance jobs is developing your skills. With that, you can choose which field you would like to join. Here are the commonly open fields.

A freelancer or a freelance worker or a professional is a person who practices their profession independently. They are self-employed.

They may be affiliated to or work for a company for some time, but they are not on the company’s rolls as a regular employee. They can be a contractor to a company, or most often, called a consultant.

They may also be affiliated with an agency that resells their freelance work to clients. They also use their professional associations or the Internet to look for work.

With the increasing use and development of the Internet in every sphere of our life, more and more professions, job positions etc. are coming under freelancing.

Some of the jobs and areas where freelancing has become famous in writing, application development, web design, music, computer programming, translation, graphic designing etc. Here are some most popular freelancing jobs in India.

List of Top 11 Freelance Jobs

  1. Clerical Data Entry
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Translation Work
  4. Medical Coding
  5. Article and Content Writing
  6. Graphics Designing
  7. Virtual Assistance
  8. Software Programming
  9. Tele-Calling
  10. Sales and Marketing
  11. Finance and Legal Assistance

Clerical Data Entry

A data entry clerk enters the data from hard copy such as forms, records, files or any other official papers of a company or scanned copies of these documents to a computer system through a keyboard, optical scanner or data storage device.

They convert hard copies into a soft form of information which can be used in computers or any information system.

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Data entry requires fast touch typing skills, the ability to correctly input data without errors. In case sensitive data are being entered, containing financial or confidential data, then the data entry operator’s integrity must be impeccable.

Depending on the job requirements, they must also have the language skills of punctuation, grammar etc. and knowledge of numerical data entry.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the tutoring process in which the tutor and the learner are connected through the Internet. However, they may physically be separated thousands of miles from each other.

In one-to-one tutoring, one tutor teaches a single student, and both are online for the duration. In many-to-one tutoring, a single tutor addresses a group of learners simultaneously.

In these synchronous online tutoring forms, a browser-based software I used enables the tutor and learners to be online simultaneously. Some may use VOIP telephony or video-conferencing.

In asynchronous online tutoring, the tutor and the learner need not be online at the same time. The learner submits his queries and doubts, and the tutor solves them later and sends them back.

Translation Work

With multi-national companies having a diverse nationality of employees and their operations being spread over several countries, there are ample opportunities for Translation work. Since the work is varied in nature and of differing duration and complexities, freelancers are best suited for such jobs.

Thus many translators are finding assignments related to products, procedures etc. being required to be translated from one language to another.

Translation works involve good remuneration as compared to other freelance work. Moreover, a person can evolve as a subject matter expert and earn professional accolades.

If you are interested in languages and have a good command of two or more languages, then Translation Work will give you satisfaction and a good amount of money for your talent and efforts.

Medical Coding

Coding is the process of transforming healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, medical record documentation, such as transcription of physician’s notes, laboratory and radiologic results, etc. into a universal medical alphanumeric code.

They take information from documents, assign the appropriate codes. This helps in making a proper claim to be paid by insurance companies.

The Medical Coder checks the patient’s medical records, including the transcription of the doctor’s notes, laboratory tests and imaging services or other diagnostic procedures applied, etc to ascertain the work done.

Article and Content Writing

Article and Content Writing is about writing the matter or the content that appears on Web pages. Big IT companies employ their Content writers as they have so much work that it justifies their content writers’ hiring.

However, small companies, website or blog owners can’t afford to have one or more content writers on their rolls, as there may not be enough work for them all through the year.

This is where a freelance content writer comes in. He offers his services only for specific projects and tasks, and he gets paid for the work he has done.

Although there are several advantages of being a freelance content writer, like working from home, working schedules etc., there may not be sufficient quality work for all.

Successful content writers specialize in different writing styles and a few particular niches that suit their writing style. They should also have some knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress etc.

Graphics Designing

Graphic Designing is communication through illustration, images, pictures, symbols, photographs, typography etc. The ideas or messages are communicated not through words and letters but images and pictorial representations.

It is a creative process and its applications are visible everywhere, from signboards to product packaging. They are also used in logos and branding, magazines and newspapers, books and novels, advertising etc.

Graphic designers are also required in the entertainment industry like films and television and the garment industry in designing clothes.

Graphic designers are trained professionals who undertake such jobs and assignments. Graphic designers must have the skills to do research, execute original and impeccable work, and their work must be compelling to the viewers.

Graphic designers are generally employed in companies dealing with graphic designs or publishing, marketing or other communications companies.

Increasingly, graphic designers are working as freelance designers who give them the freedom to choose their own time, rate and work.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is the help that is provided through phone, e-mail or even instant messages or chats. Those who provide this service are called Virtual Assistant (VA). Freelancers can do this job from home as they are kept connected through the internet and phone.

Though most often the assistance provided is secretarial, there are areas of specialization like Marketing, Graphic and Web design, IT support, Translation work etc.

Virtual assistants use the latest technology to deliver their services and communicate with a client while working from remote locations by working remotely.

Virtual Assistants consists of individuals and companies who provide a wide range of products and services to their customers. Many Virtual Assistants have their specialized niches, such as Real Estate, Technology, Vehicles, gadgets etc.

Some monitor social media posts for personalities like film stars, politicians, sportspersons, or businesses and brands. Virtual assistants come from several industries and professional backgrounds and have diversified qualifications and working experiences.

Software Programming

Software Programming uses computer languages or software to develop and design programs or applications to do certain tasks. Software Programming involves understanding and analyzing requirements, writing codes, testing, and implementing them.

Some of the areas and competencies where software programmers can work are Programming languages like C++ and Java Building mobile applications for Android, iPhone; Ui/Ux designers etc.

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Freelance software programmers conceptualize, design, develop, test and modify software systems. They help maintain software. To design a new application they discuss with systems analysts and even potential users to design the system.

They also take information on limitations and capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces. They update existing software to correct errors or to improve and enhance its performance. They also analyze user needs and software requirements.

Tele Calling

 A Tele Calling job is to attend to the customer’s or clients’ requirements through telephone. It involves receiving calls from customers and solve their queries and problems. The first type is called an In-bound service, and the latter type forms the Out-bound service.

Generally, Tele Caller is hired by BPO’s and Call Centers, but now many Tele Callers work from home or even freelancing. A Tele Caller must have good communication skills, patience and the required accent. Proficiency in more than one language is also an advantage.

Tele Callers are given proper and appropriate technical training about the product and services. They are also given voice and accent training. More and more companies opt for Tele Callers and call centres to market their products and give services to their existing customers.

Sales and Marketing

Freelance Sales and Marketing is a specialized marketing job that provides flexible and scalable marketing support. Clients like to employ freelance sales and marketing professionals due to marketing and sales jobs’ variable nature.

For example, during the new product launching phase, they require many people to cover the territories and push their products to capture the maximum market share in the briefest period.

According to client requirements, there are several types of freelance sales and marketing jobs. Some of the few are listed here :

Market research and market analysis: These are done by consultants, who prepare the questionnaires, conduct market surveys, market research and market analysis; they also conduct several other studies to help the companies in their marketing campaign.

Promotions: Freelance marketers help in a promotion or new product launching. They also contribute to organizing events and campaigns.

Merchandising: It means product packaging and promotion design.

Marketing and Sales Consultancies: They provide the necessary know-how to undertake marketing initiatives of the company.

Finance and Legal Assistance

Finance and Legal Assistance freelancers work with CA or Cost Accountant firms and Lawyers’ or Advocates’ firms. They preferably should have relevant degrees or diplomas in the field they are working in. Most have the relevant work experience of working in such firms for a few years.

They work according to the requirements and demands of their clients. Quite often, travel is also involved. However, if one wants to work from home only, they can only opt for such freelance work, which can be done from remote locations away from the office.

These are very demanding work and require proper educational qualifications, skills and expertise. A good working experience is preferred. Since these are highly specialized jobs, they generally pay well than other freelancing jobs.

Advantage of Freelance Jobs

There are several advantages of Freelancing. You can even enjoy and be on vacation while working. It also gives you the freedom to schedule your job, per your convenience and time available. Thus, there is huge flexibility in work timings and working hours.

It also gives the person the freedom to follow a personal passion. Since there is no wastage of commuting time or travel expenses, it also enables you to spend more time with the family.

Another benefit is that, since it has no supervisor or bosses watching you all the time, it is more relaxing, stress-free and one feels highly motivated.

The disadvantage of Freelance Jobs

Freelancing, like other forms of casual work, has lots of uncertainties. There is no job security because one may not be able to get many assignments or projects. Moreover, some employers may not pay on time.

Freelancers also do not receive employment benefits such as paid leave, sick leave, pension, bonus and incentives, medical insurance, etc. Like other regular full-time jobs, there is no provision for any gratuity or any retirement benefits.

Freelancers often earn less than their full-time employed counterparts. For married women with families, they have to attend household chores also, as well as child care, in addition to their freelancing work. Another disadvantage is, there is less interaction with others.

About Freelance Jobs

The term freelance jobs are very broad, consist of the simplest job of data entry to difficult tasks like writing projects. However, if you are equipped with strong grammar and can easily create, you can easily earn money through writing projects.

Only freelance jobs offer the unique opportunity to earn without getting indulged into the office’s formal environment. This job type is the best option for those who want to add some bonus money to their income.

The flexible working schedule makes online jobs the best earning opportunity for students and other jobless people. Moreover, the simple nature of the tasks like data entry projects and SEO based simple writing projects make it possible for anybody to earn without hesitating about his/her educational background.

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