Top 12 Student Jobs Can Be Done Part Time In 2021

Part-time students’ job offers help to add in some extra cash to their pockets to meet all the necessary expenses.

Rather than going for the petty jobs that offer discount vouchers or goodies in exchange for services, one should go hunting for jobs that provide many perks.

Apart from providing a decent payment for the work, several jobs offer also help build the necessary experience in the students that would help them in the future.

Best Part-Time Jobs to Choose From

The following are some of the best part-time jobs a student can choose from for a supplementary income:

  • Customer Service in Shop
  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Photographer in Events
  • Tutoring Junior Students
  • Server at a Restaurant
  • Catering Assistant
  • Cashier at Shops
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Hotel Attenders
  • Baby and Senior Citizen Care
  • Online Work and Blogging

Customer Service in Shop

Customer service in several stores is one of the great part-time job opportunities for students.

The worker needs to gain awareness regarding all the features and details of the products. He needs to put suitably blend all these into words for the customers to be convinced to buy the product.

Customer service also involves addressing the customer’s queries and complaint which can only be possible after thorough research on the range of products.

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This is one of the highest paying part-time jobs for the students, where the necessary level of prior knowledge is almost zero.

The students can also get to know about several marketing strategies which would help create a start-up in the future.

Automobile Mechanic

This is a great job opportunity for all the engineering students especially those belonging to the mechanical stream.

They can successfully apply their attained knowledge into work and can gain the necessary work experience. However one can also take up a course for gaining knowledge about all the essential tips and tricks involved in the job.

Skill is achieved only through continuous practice and the reputation builds up gradually. A student can choose to work in any workshop locally or can even start something on his own.

Photographer in Events

If one is pretty efficient in capturing some precious moments into a frame, this job is just the perfect one for you. A good resolution camera is the only thing apart from the up to the mark photography skills is what one needs to have to get going in the job.

The student can choose to work solo or even apply for any studios or photography firms.

Event photography is a significant source of income for photographers. People generally hire photographers to capture the golden moments of the several events they organize and award them with a handsome salary.

The photographers can also choose to sell their photographs online on several sites. The online selling of the photographs however is a bit challenging though it offers a heavy payment.

Tutoring Junior Students

The best way to be in touch with the studies is by imparting the same to the junior students. This is one of the noblest and best jobs that the students can take up as part-time jobs.

The students generally prefer to be mentored by the senior students since they know the exam pattern and the key concepts in several lessons.

The students could get ample opportunities to clarify their doubts if they had any during their learning. The coaching sector is the highest paying job in the country and this well justifies the good payment that one can receive by providing tuitions.

Server at a Restaurant

This job option is always open for the students in need of some cash. A polished attitude and personality are the only demands for carrying out this job successfully.

There are several restaurants which offer job opportunities for the students as servers and provide a good salary as well. Working as a server can also help the student to learn the basics of customer service and sales.

One can choose to work in shifts as per the desired time slot.

However, it should be noted that the earning increase significantly in the weekends and hence one should definitely include the weekends in the working hours rather than toiling hard for the whole week.

Catering Assistant

The catering assistant’s primary duty is to take care of the cleaning of the kitchens and take necessary steps to maintain hygiene in the cooking areas.

Catering assistants may also help the cooks in the food preparation processes like fetching necessities or doing petty jobs. The student should be able to work under pressure and as a team for gaining success in the job.

The job is suitable for both male and female students and one should be ready to work in the holidays and on the weekends.

Catering Assistant jobs are generally open at restaurants or at different events which can be chosen as per availability and the terms and conditions associated with them.

Cashier at Shops

That is the subject one needs to be strong to excel in the job. Generally the shops offer cashier jobs to students. The cashiers need to receive the customers’ payments in cash, check, debit cards and issue refunds, credits or change to them.

A strict track of the money needs to be maintained.

A count of the balance before the beginning of the shift and at the end of the shift and maintaining a stable balance as a change in the drawer are some of the works that the cashier needs to handle.

Students who have a sharp mind and are quick at calculations are generally hired as cashiers and are offered good salaries.

Administrative Assistant

The works of an administrative assistant include the circulation of information and managing them in an office. This is generally achieved by answering necessary phone calls, taking down notes and memorandums and maintaining registers and files.

The administrative assistant is often asked to deal with the clients and customers’ initial welcome and greetings.

Since this job requires no eligibility criteria, it is one of the students’ most chosen part-time jobs. The students can get acquainted with the office atmosphere and can learn to deal with the clients and customers in due course.

Graphic Designer

The payment to effort ratio in this job is quite high. Several websites are in need of graphic designers for the development of their respective sites. One can find a suitable job offer basing upon the skills that he possesses through freelancing websites.

However the student needs to be too good and confident with his designing skills and know a good number of designing software. He should also be updated with the latest modifications in this software and should be able to use the new features effectively.

Hotel Attenders

The hotel attendants’ job includes all the basics starting from guest relations to taking care of the rooms. The job is quite crucial since the hotel’s reputation generally depends on the room conditions handled by the attendants. Hotel attendants are also expected to greet the guests and take care of all their needs and safety during the stay.

Attendants also arrange meetings to assign works for the room keepers and the cleaning staff. It is the hotel attendants’ responsibility to check the condition of the rooms before and after the guests’ stay and report the problems if any.

The students willing to draw a good salary can take this up as a part-time job.

Baby and Senior Citizen Care

These caretaking jobs are in high demand due to the large office hours of the working individuals. If anyone connects well with babies or can take good care of all the old people’s necessities, a large number of jobs are readily available.

However one needs to know about the tips and tricks to take proper care and the actions that can be taken in an emergency. Caregiving does not necessarily involve personal care like bathing, which has been a popular myth.

Online Work and Blogging

Although predominantly a part-time job, lately blogging is being taken up as a full-time job by a major chunk population. If one has good command over English and can articulate the ideas and thoughts into words. Blogging ensures a steady flow of income apart from serving to brush up the language skills and gain knowledge.

The income in blogging comes through the traffic. This makes it a bit risky source of income since a steady traffic flow cannot always be ensured.

One needs to stick to a stable advertising source for a stable income. Although the initial phase might show a slow rate of progress and income, the income grows to be pretty decent as time passes.


Out of all these jobs, a student can choose any one depending on the amount of time he can impart and the money he wishes to draw.

Various jobs also act as ideal profile builders who would help the students land in their dream job.

Updated: April 2, 2021 — 5:24 pm

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