List Of Online Survey Jobs Providers In 2021

Are you searching for online jobs and want to get good salary by doing work for 1-2 hours a day? We present you the best ways to get salary income around rs 10,000 – rs 15,000 every month with Online Survey Jobs.

Various Online survey jobs companies provide you with the opportunity to earn by simply signing up and make Rs 100 perform.

Are you listening about Online survey jobs for the first time? If so then we present to you specific FAQs that will help you better understand these surveys and know-how to get good salary packaged job.

In this post, I will try to explain the following information about online surveys.

  • What is online survey jobs?
  • What is there in these online surveys?
  • How to get good amount of salary from online surveys
  • List of top paying survey sites
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of online survey jobs
  • How to avoid scam in online surveys

What do you mean by Online Survey?

Several companies wish to grow by increasing their business sale potentially. But this can only be done if they have consumer insight regarding their products like what customers think about their product or why they don’t want to purchase it.

This is done to get the consumer feedbacks so as to improve the shortcomings and increase the sale.

What is there in the Survey?

The survey comprises of very general questions. From the options given choose one or put a tick mark against Yes or No.

E.g., you need to fill a survey form of saying Sony Xperia Mobile Phone by Sony company. The questions can be like-

  1. Do you own a Smartphone?
  2. Which Phone are you currently using?
  3. Have you used the Sony Mobiles in the past?
  4. Would you like to use Sony Xperia models?
  5. If yes, which feature attracts you the most?
  6. Do you think Sony phones are the best in the market?
  7. How much do you earn annually?
  8. Marital Status
  9. Do you own a car?
  10. Do you own a House?

Such surveys from various companies you would be getting to fill and will be paid Rs 50-Rs 250 or even more than that for providing valuable time to provide feedback.

How to earn passive income from Online Survey Jobs?

Providing feedback and filling the survey form takes valuable time for the consumers, so most people do not respond if they get nothing in return.

To attract more customers to fill-up their forms, the companies offer some cash returns for filling the online survey form.

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A single form can get salary somewhere around Rs 20 to Rs 100 depending on the time taken to fill it.

So from where do I get these Surveys?

The companies wanting to fill the surveys do not have any direct contact with the users as they don’t have any database or survey management system and so these jobs are not directly given by the companies.

Therefore they hire an intermediary whom we call as the Market research companies to complete the Survey task.

These companies (Online survey websites) take up the work for all those big companies and hire people under them who can fulfil the online survey task.

So to get the online surveys, you need to register to these Online survey websites and keep on checking daily as to if any survey forms are uploaded or not.

Once you find the Survey in your account, you can complete it and make passive income online.

List Of Online Survey Jobs Providers In 2021

We bring you the list of best 20 survey websites where you can sign up and start minting money.

  1. Star Panel
  2. Surveyed
  3. iPanelOnline India
  4. Toluna India
  5. GlobalTestMarket
  6. IndiaSpeaks
  7. YourSay
  8. PlanetPanel
  9. ValuedOpinions India
  10. Brand Institute
  11. PanelPlace
  12. Planet Pulse
  13. MixReq
  14. SurveySavvy
  15. NPDOR
  16. PermissionResearch
  17. Spider Metrix
  18. The Panel Station
  19. Socratic Forum
  20. The Harris Poll Online

You can read about these websites before you think to start working for them for reliability.

Number of Surveys I can get from the websites?

The number of surveys you get depends on your location (country), marital status, education etc. If you register on all the above listed 20 sites, you can quickly get 20-50 surveys to be completed each month.

How Much income can be earned from Online survey jobs?

Its all depend on you because if you are working on many websites then you can easily get around 5k to 10k monthly salary online by working for these websites and it also depends on how many websites you have registered. 

If you wish to get good amount, then you can check out other Online or home-based jobs.

Benefits of Online Survey Jobs

The main benefit these paid online survey websites are the ability and flexibility of choosing where, when and the quantity of work you want to do and earn extra passive income with online jobs.

Your efforts and dedication will decide about your salary but it will not be fixed and totally depend on you that how much work you do online and that is why we normally say them online part-time jobs for making extra income in India and it is the best solution for students to get extra pocket.  

The relative ease of the tasks involved is another factor that enables almost anyone to perform Online Surveys. Suppose you are affiliated with an organization that has been given the responsibility of conducting the survey. In that case, there is the advantage of getting training and instructions to help you as you go along.

Online Surveys only require consistency and background knowledge of the subject or topic being tackled. Regular participation in the surveys makes one more and more familiar with the requirements making it more comfortable as one gains experience.

Disadvantages of Online Survey Jobs

Finding online surveys jobs may be too many around the net and finding the right one that suits you even more difficult. There are those programs that purport to allow you to generate an income only after you have purchases software that will enable you to join or pick from a choice of Online Surveys.

Your aim should not make instant money from survey websites because you have to do genuine and hard for these jobs. 

How to Avoid Scams in Online Survey Jobs

Like other online jobs surveys are also having many numbers of scams. Please be careful when selecting a survey providing companies.

Asking investment– Online surveys are no investment to join. If any company require a fee for providing surveys to stay away from them. Probably they might be a scam survey provider.

High payment per survey – typically many survey companies are paying little or nominal payment for completing surveys. The amount might be around Rs.50 or Rs.100. if anyone assures Rs.500 or more per survey, they may be a scammer.

Always check the reviews about survey providing companies in google before enrolling any survey.

How would I get my income?

Most of these online survey companies transfer money to your PayPal account. is free to register where you have to link your bank account and receive income in Rs or USD in your Indian bank account.

Thus, the above FAQs might have helped to answer all your queries regarding Online Survey Jobs. You can register on these 20 sites stated and startdoing work from Survey jobs.

Updated: April 2, 2021 — 5:22 pm

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