Getting Revenues From Product Reviews

Today’s Internet is so powerful and vast that it gives you the freedom to do almost everything online, such as shopping, comparing, researching, and earning. One of the trending ways to make a passive salary these days is that by working online. 

It does not require you to travel to your workplace; you can work from home and efficiently work online. It gives you the benefit of flexible timing; you do not have to burn your office chair with rigid timings.

Getting Revenues From Product Reviews

Many portals and websites hire people to work for them online as developers, researchers, writers and more. One of the methods to get a good salary online through writing is by giving product reviews.

Various companies hire people to work as writers and give reviews of certain products and services offered by them after testing or using them.

This practice directs the writers to give feedback about the product after they have tested them.

  1. Identify the target product
  2. Find out the exact specification
  3. Make your ratings
  4. Positive and negative overview
  5. Giving an overall review

Identify the target product

The first step in this scheme is identifying a particular product of the company and its necessary details. The companies offer several services and products.

Having writers do reviews for their products is a way of marketing and promoting their business.

This helps them in converting the potential customer to a client. Reviews and feedback help the consumers to choose favour or against the product.

The converting ratio from potential customer to a sure-shot client is high in a case where the company presents a review or feedback of the product they are trying to sell. Subsequently, the writer must carefully identify and research the product and its company.

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This will make it easier for you to write reviews as you will be aware of the history of the product, its usefulness, and its importance for a person.

Find out the exact specification

The writer should research profusely about the product and its key features and specifications. To write a product review, you must know the art of researching as it will help give the exact description of the target product following its appropriateness to the uses of a consumer.

The review must be proper to its fulfilment as this will help the consumer make a purchase decision.

If the review is not accurate and precise and if the user finds out that the product is different from that mentioned in the catalogue, this might earn the product a bad review that is not good for the reputation of the company and the future of the sales of the product.

Therefore, the product review must be unequivocal and contain the exact functions and details of the product and the services it offers.

Make your own ratings

Rating of the product is a crucial step in doing product reviews. It helps the customer make a purchase decision and the business in driving traffic to his services and products.

It shows a direct analysis and evaluation of the usefulness of a product.

Ratings serve as a direct impression of the product on the client. Rating is mostly given in numerical form or stars. The numerical rating may range from 1-10.

This makes it easy for the user to give quick ratings to the product depending on his satisfaction level. Another way of giving ratings can be by ticking on the brief description available such as excellent, good, bad, very bad and more. It is a quick method of giving feedback or reviews.

Positive and negative overview

Ideally, it is recommended for a writer to give both pros and cons of the product. A product can not only have advantages. To some extent, the pros and cons of a product are subjective to a particular user.

Since all the dimensions considering all the users’ viewpoints cannot be considered, you should make an overall positive and negative report of the product.

This will help the consumer choose his set of advantages and disadvantages of the product and make a wise decision towards purchasing the product.

This will provide imperative information to potential consumers before they decide to avail the product’s services. The positive points or “pros” about the product should be clearly stated as they will tremendously help pitch in the customer to make a purchase decision.

The benefits and advantages offered by the product should be thoroughly stated. This will give information about how a user can avail of the services of the product. The negative points or “cons” will show the negative side of the product.

As stated earlier, no product can be made to perfection and the satisfaction of all its users. Therefore, each product comes with its own set of disadvantages and lacking specifications.

Giving an overall review

This is the most critical part of a review. You must include important information about the product in this section. Keep this part of the review article short and precise.

This will serve as the conclusion for the product you have reviewed. You can give personal feedback or insight into the product in conclusion.

The users are smart these days and always go to compare various products before making a decision. Many purchasers mainly depend on reviews of the product, so this part of the article will serve as an essential area.

This will allow the consumer to make a fixed decision on whether or not he should buy the target product. Therefore, this portion must be powerfully written, keeping in mind the user’s frame of mind.

You can start looking for jobs on the Internet where companies or clients hire writers to give product reviews. This work does require a considerable amount of research related to the product and its history.

Product review writing can be a form of article writing, but it is slightly different as the number of words required, style, and tone vary. This does not require the use of specific keywords which are used in basic content and article writing.

Nevertheless, you need to be a good researcher and writer to write convertible reviews of products. If you can build a good reputation, then your earnings can increase and go up to $1 per review.

Several websites offer online writing jobs. is one of these sites which offer online work opportunities to people who are willing to write product reviews.

If you are interested in writing reviews for other services such as software products, games and more, then this is the best website to start working for.

Some Good Websites For Product Reviews

User Testing

Usertesting is one such website that offers the clients insights in the form of videos and metrics within a short duration.

It is one of the most reliable sites by users and has clients such as Forbes, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and more which depend on it to test their products and reviews.

It also gives the flexibility of testing apps and obtains quick results. You can also test your prototypes in the early design phase to minimize costs.

Decide Buddy

Decidebuddy is another good website for reviews that lets you write and reviews various categories such as books, computers, education, finance, mobiles, movies, travel and more.

It lets you do so in just three simple steps:

  1. Find
  2. Compare
  3. Decide

All you have to do is register for the website and start writing reviews. Their expert team moderates every review to avoid bad language, defamation, and plagiarism. You can also earn cash royalties by performing various activities.

Mouth Shut

Mouthshut is a website that allows users to shop wisely by reading reviews of other users. If you have used a product and want to write a review for it, this is the best place to give your outlook. Share your insights into the product with others and help them.

It allows you to write reviews of products in 19 categories. Praise or slam a brand; it’s all in your hands. Give honest reviews and pour your hearts out. This site is recommended by The Indian Express, IBN Live, Business Standard and others.

It would be best of your interest to get a good salary amount through writing by signing up for such jobs available online.

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