Best Online Part-Time Jobs In India For Everyone

Are you one of those who love to write stories? Do you love to read children’s stories? How creative are you in writing children stories? Can you catch the interest of the audience through your story writing?

Although writing children’s stories may seem like a simple task to achieve and earn extra passive income. But it is no doubt a rewarding career. When you will enter the world of children’s stories writing you can start training and giving a learning tip to children.

You need to understand the art of writing children’s stories that is interesting and creates informative stuff in it and a bit entertaining to catch every child interest.

Best Online Part-Time Jobs List

You can get a good amount of money through publishing your stories in different magazines or you can start writing books about exclusive children’s stories. All you need is to think about what you write about and how you will engage the children and their parents to read your stories.

Become A Story Writer

To get an idea about how to start writing children’s stories, you can go to a library or read different magazines where they write about children and stories are covered according to their ages.

Get an idea about writing stories in different categories or niches like a fantasy world, family drama or mystery stories for children engaging interest and making them interact with other children they have read recently. An exclusive touch of stories can create popularity among children of all ages.

You can even take classes in creative writing. You will find many contacts through these classes because many writers give these creative writing classes. Therefore, it can be a valuable experience for you in your training classes.

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Best Part-Time Jobs For Students And Housewifes In India

A tip of the day is that you write a story daily. When you are done with one story, keep writing on other topics, keep aside the old story for six weeks, and later read the old story and make changes in it if any required.

Create A High-Quality Story

Another tip is that you keep on reading and rewriting them for high-quality exclusive story writing until you find it has become the best one among all. For feedback, give your teacher familiarity with children’s stories to read the story you write and ask for their remarks.

You can even enter into a group of children’s literature. You can even share your stories with them and give them feedback about your writing and get receptive to reading those remarks. A good way is to understand the critical view of your exclusive creative story writing.

To excel further and a step ahead is to start going to a children’s conference for writers. You can even go to the workshops on writing children’s stuff and there you can get a chance to meet with the editors and agents at such conferences and give ideas to them about the one you are writing about and get their feedback on it. Look out for interested agents and publishers who want to purchase or give your creative story a chance for submission.

Become A Photographer

If you are interested in a professional photographer, Are you interested in getting a good amount of salary from photos, then you must have a passion for it. However, this profession will pay you well if you do your best for what it takes.

There are hundreds of photographers worldwide who are working hard to earn money through the photography business. It might be tough as a beginner, but once you have a command of it, it will be worth doing it as a profession.

However, it is hard to convince clients to have a book session and there are very fewer chances to earn much cash from every client. Here are some innovative ideas from which you can achieve to get a higher salary by photography business.

How To Get Salary As A Photographer

How to get a good salary From Photography? At the start, you can do a mini photo session by offering it to your new clients. The mini session will not pay you much but your first client will make payment for their first baby photo session that will be $100 for 30 minutes.

Indeed, paying this much low won’t help boost the business but the mini photo session will make you have an instant cash flow and hope for the best to get more clients.

Keep in mind that only doing online advertising from your own PC won’t pay you a buck. You can weekly earn $300 only by doing three to four sessions as a photographer for a mini photo session.

 Start with Stock Photography

Start selling your collection of photographs: Do you want to make a start with your collection of photographs? Do you have photographs in bulk with a wide variety? If yes, then why not share or put it up for sale.

Now you can sell your creativity on the stock photo collection or Fotolia. Both these sites are given new photographers’ opportunity to display and sell their photographs for $1. Yes, per image will pay you $1 on these sites. Although it is a shallow rate and that is why you have to float images in bulk. But, for a new starter it is a good chance.

Photography on Wedding

Here is a tip to get $350 by doing photography for weddings. How? You can start making photographs of the couple by saying that it won’t cost you a dime. Holds on; you haven’t read what is the magic behind.

You will ask the new couple not to pay a buck in contrast to displaying their engagement portrait at their wedding. Ask the guest to donate some money for the couple to have a photo album for their wedding.

This will let you get more than the cost of a huge printed photograph of 30 X 40 you have displayed at the wedding. It is a great way to get $350 within a fraction of time. Isn’t this sound great to you?

Start Book Marking Work

Many people are still unaware of how to get a good salary amount by social bookmarking. These articles will help those looking to know how they can make a good amount by social bookmarking, and you will get answers to all of your questions regarding the idea of using social bookmarking. We have tried to explain the idea of using social bookmarking in a simple.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

People use social bookmarking to bring huge traffic to their website, and for this purpose, they hire freelancers. When you do social bookmarking, you are actually attracting people to the products and services mentioned on their website.

When a high number of potential buyers visit your website, the volume of your sales will increase automatically. It is not only your sales increase, but social bookmarking also increase your ad revenue.

Social Bookmarking on Twitter

One of the most effective websites for social bookmarking is Twitter which is also considered a microblogging website. You can get a good salary by social bookmarking sites like Twitter without investing a single penny.

If you have many followers on Twitter, the chances of earning huge income through social bookmarking increased. Some companies offer higher rates for writing tweets on Twitter if you are a popular and frequent Twitter user.

Social Bookmarking Sites Through Backlinking

You can also use social bookmarking to post the links of your website, products, or services on popular social websites. With this way, you can place backlinks to your website, and as you are aware that backlinking is the most effective method of generating traffic to your site.

Some social bookmarking websites allow you to post information about your products on their main page. Some of these websites, including Facebook,,, and Friendster. Besides these websites, many other social bookmarking sites are also available that offers a similar facility for their users.

As your offer is posted on these sites’ home page, the chances of getting customers attracted increased. You can also use the applications to promote your product or service. One of the most popular types of applications are game applications, and you can find many popular games on Facebook.

Create Promotional Videos

The idea of using a promotional video to make a good amount of salary is getting popular each day. The importance of online advertising campaigns is increasing, which boosts the concept of getting paid to upload videos.

The number of people who shops online is increasing rapidly, and it is widely believed that most people shop online by watching these videos and other advertising material available online. Video marketing is used to promote various products and services online, and it is also used to educate users about how to use these products or services.

Many people are using the idea of getting paid to make videos wisely and earning a good monthly income by sitting at their home. To understand the concept of how to get paid for YouTube videos, you have to understand the target market for a particular video to achieve quick results.

How To Get Salary By YouTube Videos Using Promoting Products

Using videos for online marketing is relatively a new idea but gaining popularity among online advertisers rapidly. A video is always creating a stronger impact on customers’ minds than words; therefore, it is believed that video advertising is a more powerful tool.

Several people are connected with the video uploading business, and they are getting paid to make videos and upload these videos on different forums. If someone can create an effective video for the product or service he is offering and upload it in the right places, he will definitely get quick results.

The Advantages of Using Videos for Promotion of Products

You can also hire freelance contractors to create videos to promote your products or services and upload these videos on the relevant forums. The advantages of using these videos for promotional purpose are enormous. It costs you much cheaper as compared to hiring an agency to advertise your products. There are various advantages of using these videos for promotional purpose:-

  • It costs you less than other advertising methods.
  • It gives a customized look to your business as well as products.

How to Work as Freelancers for Making Videos

As a freelancer you can easily start your career if you know how to create YouTube videos. Some people even get paid for upload videos. You have to take care of a few things while creating YouTube videos.

  • Always place the relevant links of the websites so the customer feels easy to order the product.
  • The video must be engaging enough to attract people and generate huge traffic to the company’s main website.

The above-mentioned tips are helpful about how to get paid in YouTube videos and you can achieve better results.

Final Words

These are the best part-time work or jobs in India to do and every student or homemaker can do these jobs but you have to be very professional in these skills if you want to become successful in online market.

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